An app concept to organize your travels

Branding, Identity, UI/UX

Born from the brains of two frequent travelers, a friend and I came up with a concept to streamline taking a trip. Users can either book new flights, tickets, or accomodation, or organize existing purchases to help streamline the daily experience. Users can also browse through other users' trips for inspiration, and keep tabs on all those suggestions your friend who just got back told you to do. For the solo traveler, we will even build in a function to help match you with other like-minded travelers on a similar trip, with the idea that traveling can often be more fun with a new friend — both to you and your wallet. All in one app.

An antidote to spreadsheets, emails and tons of tabs, this app helps organize all your trip in one place.

Coordinate_bpirotte_0003_Branding logoCoordinate_bpirotte_0003_Branding logo
Coordinate_bpirotte_0004_Branding colors and typeCoordinate_bpirotte_0004_Branding colors and type