Samsung Campaign Lookbook

A hand-bound, oversized coffee table book

Editorial Design, Art Direction, Print

Samsung, a brand known globally for its incredible array of electronic products, wanted a fresh look at things. With the sheer number of products available to a consumer, where does one begin? R/GA New York came up with a set of fundamental actions: Go, Move, Explore and Create—all centered around their flagship Galaxy S7 edge smartphone—that showed you a certain collection of products that lead you into an experience.

The book summarized an entire campaign in one editorial piece.

Go. Move. Explore. Create.
A Galaxy of Possibility awaits.

Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte4Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte4
Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte10Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte10
Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte6Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte6
Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte7Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte7
Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte8Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte8
Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte11Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte11
Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte2Samsung Lookbook_BenPirotte2

Agency: R/GA
Design and Art Direction: Ben Pirotte, Kyungwan Kang
Photography: Carlos Serrao
Copywriting: Madeline Garber
Creative Direction: Tal Shub, Qian Qian, Tristan Kincaid
Book Photography: Ben Pirotte, Kyungwan Kang, Tal Shub